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My name is Molly Otis. I am beginning my twenty-ninth year of teaching. I currently teach freshmen and sophomore English. I am beginning my fifth year at Tahquitz High School. I look forward to a fabulous year working with both the students and parents to ensure student success in the classroom. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Recent Posts

10th Grade March 2018

Students are preparing a Google slides presentation about background information for To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, using articles read on class. They are writing arguments and including textual evidence to support the evidence.

Grade 10 March, 2016

Our classes just finished a great unit of reading Lord of the Flies. We are now researching the difference between nature versus nurture. Students will be researching various people in history and determine if their behavior was a result of nature or nurture. When this unit is finished, we will be reading the popular novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. 

Grade 9 March, 2016

Our classes are beginning to research the Elizabethan Era. We will also be reading Romeo and Juliet. I am hoping it is a great learning experience for all!

Semester Two Grade 9

We are starting the semester off with studying the art of persuasion. Students are learning how to write claims and support them with evidence. They are using ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade their audience. Students are to write and present arguments, that they are passionate about, to the class.

Semester Two Grade 10

We are starting the year off studying the art of persuasion. The students are making claims and supporting them with evidence using ethos, pathos, and logos. Students are pre-writing ideas they are passionate about and writing and presenting their arguments.

Fahrenheit 451

My tenth grade students are finishing the book, Fahrenheit 451. The students are starting to write their final essay of the semester. The theme of the novel will be discussed with such topics as censorship, nonconformity, and technology.

Of Mice and Men

My English nine class is finishing the book, Of Mice and Men. During this time students are learning how to write using the following text structures: description, sequence, comparison, cause and effect, and problem or solution.

Letters and Urban Legends Due

     The tenth grade students should have already turned in their business letters convincing a publishing company to make a short story into a movie. Students can still turn this assignment in. 
     Today, Friday, October 9, 2015, their urban legends are due. Students must turn in their graphic organizers, rough drafts, and final drafts. Students will read their stories to the class in the next few days.

9th Grade English

     We just finished a unit on reading analytically. An article on hip hop was the focus.  Students learned to highlight text with a focus and annotate.
:The students seemed to really enjoy this unit in which they finished the unit writing a rhetorical precis as well as a response to the article we read. Students have also been learning new vocabulary words, as well.
    As of Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015 the classes are starting a research unit. The following assignments will be assigned in the two  weeks:
Read page 27-30 in text.
Write which questions would make good research questions.
Read pages 565-571
Take Cornell notes on reading.
Complete eleven sentence concrete detail and commentary paragraph with graphic organizer.
Read 376 to 378 in text. Complete paraphrase worksheet.
Read page 308 in text. Take Cornell notes on reading.
Complete page  312.
Complete vocabulary flashcards for the next ten vocabulary words.
Study cards to prepare for the test.
If you have any questions, please email me.

Update 9-2-15

     My ninth grade classes have completed two essays and a unit on the plot of a story. They seemed to have a good time reading "The Most Dangerous Game." Next week we will start annotating an article on Hip Hop music. Students will learn about analyzing an article. Eventually, students will summarize and respond in a letter. 
     My tenth grade classes have written two essays and have been studying literary elements. We read the story, "The Pedestrian" and will begin reading "The Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket" next week. Students will be having a test on the terms on September 9, 2015. The students need to know the terms, definition, and be able to give an example. Eventually, the students will write an essay analyzing one of the stories and highlight the literary elements within the story. 
     All students should be keeping their assignments and notes organized in their binder as they will be getting graded on their notebook as well. We are off to a great start and the students are working hard!  I am proud of  the students and the progress they are making. It is great to be a Titan!!