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Ms. Stacey Haar » English is Life.

English is Life.

I am Ms. Haar and if you're reading this, then that means you are taking AP Lit or Honors English 10. These are two rigorous courses that are designed around novels, plays, essays, articles, and some other really cool things. :-) You will be expected to write, think, annotate, analyze, and interpret. There is a variety of materials that we will explore and discuss, so always come to class prepared.

This is my 16th year of teaching, and each year is new and exciting--let's make it a memorable one by working together and understanding that reading and writing will be two academics that you will ALWAYS use in life. (But don't tell you math teachers that, they think numbers are more important.)

Email me anytime, I am here after school almost everyday, and never be afraid to ask a question or clarification...that's how you learn.

Welcome to my world of Shakespeare, social commentary, annotations, and critical thinking. It's going to be awesome.