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Individual Education Plan (IEPs)

If your student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), he or she will be assigned a case carrier or manager to support them throughout the school year.  There will be an annual review held once per year, and a triennial review will be held once every three (3) years.  In some cases, additional meetings may be held to revise specific aspects of the plan due to testing, goals, or services recommended.  
It is our goal at Tahquitz High School that all students are provided access to their Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) and able to make educational progress each year, as each student is working toward different post-secondary goals after graduation.  We work to align their coursework to help them meet those goals. 
At Tahquitz High School, we offer a continuum of service options for students with IEPs, from full inclusion general education college prep courses to specially designed small groups for lower ratios of teacher to student assistance.  
The most important bridge that we want to help you build for your student is the one to college and career.  There is a lot of life after high school, and we want them to have the most opportunities to thrive as they can.  See our Post-secondary College and Career Contacts below for contact information for various options.
Transition Services (High School to Adulthood)
If your student has an IEP, part of the IEP is an individual transition services plan.  The transition plan addresses three areas: Education, Employment, and Independent Living Skills.  Contact your student's case carrier if you have any questions.  Visit the California Career Zone to access a wide range of information about post-secondary (after high school) education and employment.
Workability is a program for students with IEPs to work during the school year or summer to earn high school credit, learn about employment skills, and prepare for life after high school.  
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Mr. Jeff Gonter at 951-765-6300, ext. 60604.
If you have questions or need to schedule an IEP meeting, please contact Jessica Wake at 951-765-6300, ext. 245 or your student's case carrier.