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School Site Council - SSC

What is the School Site Council (SSC)?
The School Site Council is the body assigned with the responsibility for developing the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), with the review, certification, and advice of the English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC).
The SSC is a decision -making body. Not an advisory committee.
SSC requirements are California state requirements that are used to meet federal school planning requirements and are monitored during FPM cycles.  Ed Code 32281(a)(2) also requires that the SSC write and develop the Comprehensive School Safety Plan.  The School Safety Planning Committee (SSPC) is made up of the Principal (or designee), four teachers, 4 classified/support staff, 4 parents/community members, and 4 students.  Meetings will be held up to 6 times a year (minimum of 4) and written notice of all meetings will be posted at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.
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