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Welcome to Tahquitz High School!  Home of Tahquitz P.R.I.D.E.!  This school year you are invited to “BE a Titan…take action through word and deed and always show that Titan P.R.I.D.E.!”.  Have a Passion for learning, be Respectful, show your Integrity, Dedicate yourself to good things, and exhibit Excellence in all endeavors (PRIDE).  In doing so, you will find both academic and social success...and always show that Titan PRIDE!
Freshman, Garrett Firth, was the lucky winner of a $500 check from Herff Jones during our Recognition Pep Rally on April 29th. He proved his throwing skills in front of the student body where he beat out over 40 seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen!
ASB honored Mr. Jindra with a special recognition in front of the student body during our last pep rally of the year for his three years of leadership building a deeper since of Titan P.R.I.D.E in our students, staff, parents, and alumni!

Tout Your T!


College Wear Wednesday
Date: 5/25/2016
Minimum Day
Date: 5/25/2016
Senior Sunrise
Date: 5/25/2016, 5:30 AM
Graduation Rehearsal
Date: 5/25/2016, 8 AM 12 PM
PBIS Meeting
Date: 5/25/2016, 3 PM

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Parent Link 5/24/16

The school year is quickly coming to an end. Reminder: Wednesday and Thursday are both minimum days, as such, please no backpacks - dismissal is at 12:18pm. Be advised as well that due to increased police activity in the community around dismissal times, you will notice additional security - please plan accordingly.

Solar Cup

HUSD students participated in the 14th annual Metropolitan Water District Solar Cup.

Congratulations to the Solar Cup team!! Way to "Tout Your T"!

The Solar Cup team for Hemet USD is a collaboration between Tahquitz High School, Western Center Academy and West Valley High School. The team formed in December and has worked together on the technical reports, public outreach project and constructing the motorized solar powered boat. We competed against 38 SoCal teams over the weekend in the 90 minute endurance race and sprint races. Overall we got 19th place! We had the youngest crew (Daniel Ramirez, Rodolfo Vasquez, Corey Puentes, Alan Flores, Nhutuc Do, Isabel Olvera, Kevin Rustia, Nathan Do) and scored higher than previous years.

BEST Awards

Three Hemet Unified employees were recognized by Riverside County Office of Education.

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Student Recognition and Awards

College and University acceptances are flooding in!  Congratulations to just a few of those receiving acceptance letters:
Dante Thompson: USC
Dayoung Lee: UCLA, Cornell University, Tulane University, UC-Irvine
Kyle Pagdayunan: UCLA, UC-San Diego, Cal Poly-SLO, CSU-Long Beach
Charles Stone: Dixie State University
Kendrick Singh: UC-San Diego, UC-Riverside, Cal Poly Pamona, Humboldt State University, CSU-Bakersfield, CSU-San Marcos
Brandon Spralding: UC-Davis, UC-Santa Barbara
Evelyn Khader: UC-San Diego, UC-Riverside
Keely Watland: UCLA, UC-San Diego, UC-Santa Cruz, UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Riverside, SDSU
Ruby Ramos Sandoval: CSU-San Marcos
Brianna Torres: UC-San Diego, UC-Riverside, CSU-San Marcos, CSU-Los Angeles
Emily Brower: San Francisco State University, CSU-Fullerton, CSU-San Bernardino
Lauren Burden: Texas Christian University
Lahna Martinez: CSU-San Marcos, CSU-Stanislaus
Rawd Diab: University of Great Falls, CSU-San Marcos, Dixie State University, University of South Carolina, La Sierra University, CSU-Channel Islands
DeShawn Johnson: University of LaVerne, Northern Arizona University, CSU-San Marcos
Desmond Johnson: Allen University, Norfolk State University, Virginia State University
Breana Garcia: UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Davis, UC-Riverside, CSU-San Marcos, CSU-Fullerton
Jesse Little: UC-Irvine, UC-Riverside
Sara Jones: Chico State University, San Francisco State University, Sacramento State University
Briana Alvarez: CSU-San Marcos
Viviana Ballin: CSU-Los Angeles, CSU-San Marcos, CSU-San Bernardino
Alondra Castillo: CSU-San Marcos
Judith Duran: Biola University, Cal Baptist University, CSU-Fullerton, UC-Irvine
Rene Martin: CSU-San Marcos
Samantha Martinez: CSU-San Marcos, CSU-Sacramento
Leandra Ventura: CSU-Chico, CSU-San Marcos, Northern Arizona University
Isabel Contreras: Cal Poly Pamona, St. Catherine's University, University of Great Falls, CSU-San Marcos
Katherine Cunningham: UC-Irvine, UC-Santa Cruz, UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Merced, CSU-Monterey Bay, CSU-Fullerton, CSU-San Bernardino, CSU-San Marcos, University of LaVerne, Whittier College
Salvador Espinoza: UC-San Diego, UC-Riverside, UC-Irvine, CSU-San Marcos, CSU-Fullerton, CSU-Long Beach
Linda Tran: SDSU, UC-San Diego, San Francisco State University, UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Davis, University of San Diego, CSU-Fullerton, CSU-San Marcos
Lisa Tran: SDSU, UC-San Diego, UC-Davis, UC-Riverside
Maria Parada: Northern Arizona University
Karen Quevedo: CSU-San Marcos
Steven Nicholson: CSU-San Marcos, San Francisco State University
Beatriz Reyes: CSU-San Marcos, CSU-San Bernardino
Anthony Wagner: San Francisco State University
Jasmine Ware: CSU-Chico, CSU-Long Beach, CSU-Sacramento, UC-Davis, UC-Riverside, SDSU, San Francisco State University
Shemika Williams: Dixie State University
Alexandra Zavala: CSU-San Bernardino
Yavelyn Salazar: UC-San Diego, CSU-Fullerton, Cal Poly Pamona
Vanessa Reyes: CSU-San Bernardino, CSU-Fullerton, CSU-San Marcos
Cecilia Navarette: UC-Riverside, CSU-Fullerton, San Francisco State University
Lari Heath: University of Washington, UC-Riverside 
Valerie Leiva: San Francisco State University
Angel Pena: CSU-San Marcos
Aubree Howard: CSU-San Marcos
Cassandra Morales: Northern Arizona University
Myrka Vega: UCLA
Elizabeth Hill: UC-San Diego, UC-Irvine, UC-Davis
Victoria Foley-Fuentes: CSU-San Marcos
Paulina Granados Campa: UC-San Diego
Jacob Martinez: UC-San Diego
Manny Reyes: UC-Santa Barbara
Madyson Martinez: UC-San Diego, UC-Riverside
Grant Sandoval: Dixie State University
Seniors, please turn a copy of your acceptance letters into Ms. Hernandez in the Counseling office.  We are proud of you!
College Acceptances