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Hello, my name is Jared Rutkoff and I am a Social Science credentialed teacher here at Tahquitz High School. I graduated from National University in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in History. I have also served in the United States Navy from 2001 to 2005. This is my second year with Tahquitz High School. I have previously taught at Heritage High School. I am a baseball coach at Tahquitz High School as well. I am looking forward to another great year, and I hope to see all of you at graduation!!

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Mr. Rutkoff, Government

Room #624

Phone: 951-765-6300, ext. 40624



Class attendance, completion of homework, and daily in-class assignments are essential components for passing this course. Absences will drastically reduce the student’s chance of passing the course. Late or missing assignments will not be accepted when the student's absence is deemed unexcused.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated- any copied or plagiarized work will result in a zero for the entire weekly grade as well as a report to the school’s administration for disciplinary review.


  • Students will be expected to participate in class discussions and other interactive activities should they desire to earn the participation points
  • All students are expected to show respect for the teacher and other students in the classroom at all times.
  • Students should arrive on time with a positive attitude that promotes a comfortable learning environment.


  • Class interruptions and other inappropriate behavior will result in deduction of participation points. Tardies will also result in the loss of participation points.
  • Inappropriate behavior may lead to disciplinary consequences as described in the school’s student handbook.
  • Repetitive behavioral issues may result in parent contact, conference, and/or a referral to the office.


All in class assignments, notes, and assigned homework will be submitted to the teacher for grading on Friday of every week. The work will be assembled in a weekly packet attached to the warm-up cover page, which each student will receive on Mondays.

If a student is absent and it is excused, the student will have one day per absence to submit their work. Students must have an excused absence slip from the attendance office in hand when they submit their late work to receive credit. There will be work that is completed in the classroom that cannot be made up. Students with an excused absence can earn points by completing a current event assignment in lieu of the work they missed that cannot be made up (group work, Socratic Seminars etc.). Should an unforeseen event occur that hinders a student’s ability to be in class or submit assignments, arrangements will be made ahead of time to accommodate the student’s needs.

Weekly Points:

  • 40 participation points are awarded daily to each student so long as they arrive on time, do their work, participate in the lesson, and behave appropriately (200 points per week).
  • Most in class assignments will be worth 300 points total for the week.
  • Homework will be worth 200 points.
  • This means that every Friday the students can earn a total of 700 points if they complete all assignments and they have participated in each lesson.

Students and parents will be able to monitor grades on line using the school’s portal.

No make-up work or extra credit will be given to a student in order to boost a student’s grade prior to the final grade submission. This course is a requirement for graduation; therefore, it is important for students submit their work on time!

No make-up work will be given to suspended students. This is considered an unexcused absence. The same is true for On-Campus Detention. Behave, or your grade will be affected.


If a student misses a test, s/he can take the test in the morning before school begins the following week. Make-up tests will be administered by the teacher at approximately 7:30 am; students will be informed of which days the teacher is available to make-up testing.


All applicable classroom assignments will be available via Haiku, an online learning management system. Students can go to the site to see what activities were performed in class. Worksheets, PowerPoints, and other enrichments will be attached to the calendar for student review. It is the student’s responsibility to check Haiku to see what they missed if they are absent from class. For students who may not be able to access Haiku from home assignments will be posted in class, but it is the student’s responsibility to check the assignment board.


The students will be shown video clips, and other documentary footage throughout the course. All video footage shown to students will adhere to the school policy regarding acceptable use. No inappropriate footage will be shown to the students.


I have read and fully understand the  class outline. I am aware that absences and tardies will affect the student’s grade. I understand that students will not be able to make up the work if their absence is deemed un-excused by the school attendance office.

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