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College Kick Off

College Kick Off is a Riverside County event to focus high school students on continuing their education after high school by attending a 2 year or 4 year college or university.  At Tahquitz, we support a college-going culture and want all our seniors to go onto a post-high school educational institution.
The Tahquitz College Kick Off season will begin on Thursday, October 4th.  On this day, all students will be participating in college and career exploration activities to help them set goals for their future.  Seniors will have the opportunity to choose from 20 different presentations focusing on college and career paths.
Seniors, please review this Senior College Kick Off Program to learn about all the presentations you can possibly attend.
After you review the Senior College Kick Off Program, you will need to select one presentation for each session.  Some sessions will fill up quickly, so please complete the Google survey quickly.  If the presentation you select for one or more sessions is already full, you will be placed in an alternate presentation.  If you do NOT complete the Google survey, you will be assigned to your sessions. 
You MUST complete the Google survey by Friday, September 28th.
Please click on the link to complete the Google form to select the presentations you would like for each session.