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ASVAB Career Exploration Program

ASVAB Test is an exam that assesses students skills and abilities as they relate to career fields.  When students take the ASVAB test, they receive access to the ASVAB Career Exploration Program.  

The ASVAB Career Exploration Program will help your student:

¨ Learn about themselves and the world of work

¨ Explore occupations in line with their interests and skills

¨ Develop an effective strategy to realize their career & educational goals


Whether you are planning on attending a 2 year or 4 year college, a technical school, the military, or you're just not sure yet, the ASVAB Career Exploration Program can put you on the right path towards a satisfying career.  If you understand your skills, abilities, and interests, you will make the best decisions about your future.


The ASVAB test will allow you to use the Career Exploration  Program, free of charge, so you can explore all the possibilities.


Your test scores will NOT be released to the military.  Taking the ASVAB does NOT mean you will have to enlist in the military.


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For more information on the ASVAB, please check out the link below.