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Are you interested in attending MSJC College in San Jacinto or Menifee after you graduate?  Are you currently a senior?  If so, Ms. Gutierrez, our MSJC Transition Counselor is here to help you complete the application process.  Ms. Gutierrez is here at Tahquitz High School one day a week to meet with seniors and help them complete the online application and orientation, and write an educational plan for all seniors.  
Maybe you want to start one of MSJC's many CTE Certificate Pathways, or work on an Associate's degree, or work on a transfer plan to attend a Cal State or UC.  MSJC is your college to help you reach any educational goal you have.
If you are interested in attending MSJC during the summer or next fall, please click on this link to complete the Google form so that Ms. Gutierrez can meet with you.  
With Ms. Gutierrez's assistance, you can be a MSJC Eagle and attend college at MSJC.  
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