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It is important that students attend school everyday for every class period.  Additionally, we expect all students to arrive to class on time.  If for any reason your student must remain home or attend an appointment or meeting that requires him or her to miss school, please call our attendance office with the reason.  Leave a message at 951-765-6300, ext. 246 or 951-765-6056 with the following information:

Student Name
Student ID Number
Date(s) and Time(s) of Absence(s)
Parent / Guardian Name
Parent / Guardian Current Phone Number

See Student and Parent Handbook for more detailed information about excused and unexcused absences and quantities of absences permitted per year.


Independent Study

Tahquitz is not designed for independent study programs; therefore, we encourage any parent or student interested in independent study / home schooling to apply to a program.  See attachment below for contact information for various local independent study / home schooling options.

 A student who will be absent from school for planned personal or family business OR a short-term medical condition is required to notify the attendance office 10 days prior to the start of the absence; exception if parent provides a note from the doctor.  If 10-day notice was not given before request, the:

¨ Request may be denied or canceled at any time by an administrator, especially if the student does not follow the terms of the contract or has performed poorly / had an incomplete contract on Independent Study in the past, OR

¨ Homework assigned will not coincide exactly with class work during absences and academic progress may be adversely impacted, so the independent study work is only for attendance accounting purposes, not for the grade in the class.

Here are some useful tools for you regarding where to find student work in order that the student may keep up with the coursework while out.

  1. >> About >> Teachers & Staff >> Type to Search Staff  Each teacher has a page on the THS site; however, they may have a link to an external site where they post assignments. Look for a link to click (i.e. Weebly)
  2. >> Select Subject >> Pick a subject and select a video of the lesson being covered
  3. >> Sign in or create an account >> Look at assignments for each class to see what is posted / missing
  4. >> Click on the “waffle” in the upper right corner >> Click on the icon for Google Classroom >> Log in >> Select a class to view
  5.      Email teachers through Aeries.Net or Gmail >> All teachers have a school gmail account


It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all makeup work to the Independent Study Secretary (not their teachers) on the day the student returns to school.  All work must be turned in to re-code absences for the time period the student was absent.  It is strongly advised that students keep a copy of all Independent Study work for their own records.

The Independent Study District Coordinator will determine how much attendance credit the student will receive based on amount of work completed and turned in.  Please note that attendance credit and course grades are two different issues.  Students are required to email their teachers, check class websites, and check Aeries for more details about which assignments are going to be due while they are gone.

Contact Stephanie Sandoval at 951-765-6300, ext. 247 for questions or to request a short term IDS contract.

Helen  Hunt Jackson:  For independent study program options beyond 20 days, please contact HHJ at 951-765-5193 for more information about enrollment.  After applying, you must be notified by HHJ that you are accepted before you may begin attendance.  Otherwise, you will remain enrolled at THS, and all attendance rules and policies continue to apply.